Theses prices will give you an idea of what your total will come to when your quote is written up. Take a look at these prices before letting us know what you want.

Cel Shaded

Female H&SC.png

Head and Shoulders

£15 per image

Female HtoWC.png

Head to Waist

£30 per image

Cel Shaded 1.png

Full body

£45 per image


Female BGH&S.png

Head and Shoulders

£30 per image

Head and Waist

£45 per image

Male Head to waist.png

Full body

£60 per image


Female BG.png
Male full with bg.png

With a background,

an extra £20 per image 

Female Full body IBGDOF.png
Male full with bgdof1.png

A background with

 depth of field

added to a camera,

an extra £40 per image

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Upload an image that we can use as a reference when creating the still. It can be anything from rough doddles to photos.  Unfortunately at this time you can only upload 1 image at a time. What you can do is upload multiple images as one collage or you can send them, with your vision to:


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