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  • All commissions are done using CGI technology.

  • The two types of rendering for still images are Cel shading or Iray.

Cel Shaded 1.png
  • All Image renders will have a png transparency, meaning you can place any background or image behind it. 

  • At the moment, all animated renders are only done in 'Basic' or 'Cel Shaded' rendering.

Basic Cel.gif
  • The time frame for production of these commissions will vary, depending on what you want.

  • You will only make 1 payment for a CGI model to be created and that model can be used for many projects, meaning that if you decide to comission again using the same model, you will not have to make another payment for another model to be made.

  • All commissions will be stylised in the anime style. For a specific style, it will cost extra for a model to be created

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