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Toni feels that she has a lot to prove. She realises her natural gift but doesn’t let her ego cloud that and she has a clear vision on how much better she can become. She is very expressive and can sometimes be very judgemental but overall, her shining quality is bringing and keeping people together, which is why Blossom wanted her as a part of Systa.
Toni only started F.C.Dancing 3 years ago, but shows that she is gifted at the sport. During those 3 years she has proven that she can compete with those that have trained their whole lives. Obviously this has stirred up a lot of jealousy with other F.C.Dancers but she doesn’t let that get to her at all. Her battle strategy is to always incorporate elements of 'Alanta' dance when freestyling. Doing this form of dancing hypnotises her opponents causing them to do it as well without them realising it. This strategy has earned her many victories but in time, she will learn not to always rely on it, as there are now many F.D.Dancers that are immune or know how to counter it.