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But some of the things she discovered about F.C.Dancing made her very suspicious about the WDA. She believes that the WDA has a bigger agenda than introducing a dancing sport to the world but a lot of people she talks to about this thinks she’s a conspiracy nut. She joined Systa during her first semester of high school. Blossom remembered her from the Phoenix as kids and remembered how knowledgeable she was at F.C.Dancing. Blossom also knows what’s going on with the WDA which sparked a friendship with her.
Nicole is a F.C.Dancing fanatic and started dancing at the Phoenix Academy at the age of 4. Her father is the head of research and development at the WDA and because of this she has a huge interest in what goes on behind the scenes. She spent 6 years studying at the Phoenix and since that time learned many different things about F.C.Dancing. Similar to Stephanie, she is able to counter her opponent’s dance style with one of her own. She also has the ability to resist ‘Battle Trance’ and have proven this with her many battles with Ezana.