Nazz is the current Bounce No.1 Champion, a champion of a dancing sport known as F.C.Dancing and she is the only F.C.Dancer who has held the title for 3 years. Even though she has been able to maintain that status, the community has been questioning the lack of quality dancers the WDA is registering, which has them speculate how good of a dancer Nazz is. They even going as far to say that she is not a plausible champion and the only reason she has the title is that she has a good look that can promote the WDA. Over time these critiques have affected her mentality and affected her performance in a negative light.
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As a champion, Nazz must prove to herself that she is worthy of that title. Her current goal is to challenge and defeat a dancer that has reach legendary status. That dancer is known as The Platinum child, who had remained undefeated and held the championship for two years prior, before unfortunately relinquishing it and the WDA altogether. However, he spent the next few years training a dancer who is very capable of being a huge threat to her.