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Michelle is F.C.Dancing literate... to a point. She is able to pick up on different styles of dance and specific moves in a matter of seconds which makes her formidable in battle. However, her attention span isn’t the best, meaning that what she learned in battle is repressed to the point where she will have to pick it up again. At first, her passion for the sport was non existent. She has the talent, but not the confidence and would be very self conscious when it came to her dancing ability, which is the reason for her lack of attention when it came to dancing.
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Her idea of dancing was to only please others and would be wary on what they think but after bumping into Nazz at the school’s dance studio, she learned that dancing, only to please others, will only make her a slave to it. The only way she will survive in the WDA is to also take herself into account. Not to dance with the fear of what others think but to dance with freedom.