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In fact, she used to bully Blossom all the time, ever since middle school. The only reason Blossom recruited her was because she was talented and popular but never intended to be friends with her, but as time went by, they slowly started to understand each other and as a result, Lacie had made mass improvement on her bullying behaviour. Blossom also says that Lacie somewhat reminds her of her younger sister Jessica.
Lacie started F.C.Dancing at the age of 6 is very advanced in Baile Folklorico. This allows her to move a number of waves around her body in a fantastic display of colors, which makes her the most graceful dancer in Systa. She loves to entertain and dazzle people with her moves. She was also the first member of Systa that Blossom recruited but before that, she was very full of herself and quite the bully.