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The only time she showed any emotion was when she’s provoked, which end up her being very aggressive. She spent the first couple years of middle school by herself and seeing as F.C.Dancing was the only thing she was really good at, she would focus on that. This caught Blossom's attention and she offered her to join Systa, which she declined many times. It was only when Blossom opened up to her about how it feels to be labelled that she decided to join Systa and since then, they’ve become good friends.
Kya is another Dancer that possesses ‘Battle Trance’ but unlike Ezana she has more experience and is able to use it more frequently, making her quite intimidating in battle. She started F.C.Dancing at the age of 4 only because her father forced her to. For the next 7 years, her life was school and dance. Any form of resistance would result in her father physically abusing her. All of that came to an end when social services got involved. Unfortunately, all the abuse she suffered left her quite Stoic.