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Kimberly is multi talented. She can sing, write and play a lot of instruments including the harp but her dream is to be an F.C.Dancer and compete in the WDA She has the passion and the skill, but the only thing that is holding her back is that her parents forbid her to. They see the WDA as a corrupt organization who manipulates young minds and to an extent, they’re right. They had a lot of 
experiences with the WDA in the past and started as F.C.Dancers themselves while the WDA was more in its creative stage. Just like any other organisation, with success brings a corporate nature.
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From a young age they had planned her future without her consent and every time she resists, they will put her back in place. As a result, Kimberly is very cautious and has trouble thinking for herself. During her first senior year, she met Nazz and had the opportunity to Join her team to compete in the WDA, which she agreed to. The question is, how will her parents take it?