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Crystal is the daughter of the chairman of the WDA (Christopher Garcia) so expectations for her as an F.C.Dancer are very high. Infact she has been pressured, criticized and chastised by others, simply because of the family she has been born into and as a result, she started losing interest in the competitive nature of F.C.Dancing, not to mention a serious decline in her self esteem. On the day of her first senior year, she discovered that next month, one of her classmates was going to be The Bounce No.1 Champion, Nazz Fuller.
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This cause her to have Anxiety of what Nazz’s perception was going to be on her and what comparisons others would make. Fortunately, after meeting and talking to her, Nazz had a similar struggle of the expectations of others and would never be hypocritical by acting to same way. More important, She encouraged Crystal to focus on her love for F.C.Dancing and not what other people expect, which has had a huge boost in her self esteem and confidence in her own abilities.