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Blossom has been dancing since the age of 4. She started at the Phoenix academy and instantly gravitated to Waacking. Over the years her style and technique to this form of dancing drastically improved and received a lot of praise from the other instructors at the Phoenix. However, this sparked a lot of envy from the other dancers who attended the academy. They would constantly harass her, trying to bring her confidence level down by convincing her that she wasn’t that good, breaking her spirit by critiquing her features and appearance or physically assaulting her and creating an uncomfortable environment for her by spreading convincing rumours about her that is still quite effective to this day. She is labelled by most as either scary, cold, serious, antisocial or spoiled, but honestly, she’s misunderstood. All of that changed halfway through middle school, when she was discovered by ‘The Platinum Child’, who at the time, was ‘The Bounce No’1 Champion’.
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He saw a lot of potential in her dancing ability and offered to train her to one day be a champion. Once word of this got out, she started to get very popular. This irritated her because she knew that the only reason her popularity was ascending was because of ‘The Platinum Child’. Because of this, she had very little trust in a lot of people and would abuse her popularity to get what she wanted. Conversely, she has constantly helped her school get funding from the WDA which has been beneficial for all the students even though they treat her badly. She also assembled 4 other dancers and formed the dance crew ‘Systa’. As time passed The Platinum Child relinquished his title and retired from the WDA, but is still training Blossom to go up against the current Bounce No.1 Champion, Nazz Fuller.